This is a blog on the history behind today’s news. We are flooded with unprecendented amounts of information on current events around the world, and yet we don’t necessarily understand more.  Putting the news in its historical context can help us change this.  History is a discipline that attempts to shed light not just on the past, but also on the present.  Those who have studied it can explain today’s financial crises, far-away civil wars or election results in a way few others can. The Longer View shares the knowledge of historians in an attempt to make sense of a complicated world.

My name is Konrad Putzier. I am a New York-based journalist and a former graduate student in History. If you have any questions, comments or remarks, feel free to send me an email at thelongerviewblog@gmail.com.

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  1. Winston

    Hi Konrad. Is this how Bob Woodward got his start? Glad to see you name in print. Happy New Year from all of us in Victoria, B.C.

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